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Orthopedic Massage utiitizes the body's capacity for restoring balance by 


Useful for athletes at any level of training and competition, and for anyone who overuses the body in repetitive activities at work or in leisure. A variety of techniques geared toward addressing 


The many benefits of massage therapy are well-documented and widely acknowledged. Massage produces the "relaxation response": lower heartrate and blood pressure, enhanced lymphatic flow, deeper breathing, release of endorphins (the body's natural painkillers and mood enhancers).
Stress is a factor in a wide range of illnesses, disease processes, and several of the major causes of death in this culture. Massage therapy helps to reduce the physical, mental, psychological, and emotional effects of stress. Receiving massage on a regular basis helps to create cumulative permanent improvements in


Massage during all stages of pregnancy is beneficial for mother and baby. Massage helps to alleviate common discomforts created by the strain of pregnancy. It allows the mother an opportunity to relax deeply, tune into her ever-changing body, and practice full, deep breathing. Massage is safe throughout pregnancy. If a woman has any health issues or is under additional medical supervision for complications related to her pregnancy, a consultation with her physician is requested prior to her receiving prenatal massage.


Reiki (Japanese for "Universal Life Force Energy") is form of energywork in which the practitioner functions as a channel for healing energy, placing her hands lightly on the client's fully-clothed body. Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and soothing. 

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