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Our bodies absorb and reflect back to us what we engage in throughout our daily lives and the things that happen to us along the way. Stress and trauma—whether physical or emotional, as well as repetitive patterns of movement, create imbalances in our bodies. Compassionate therapeutic touch is an age-old approach to soothing and correcting these imbalances. Informed bodywork is an effective tool for reducing pain and inflammation, and facilitating pain-free movement and rest.

The therapist-client relationship is a partnership. The information you provide before each session, along with your feedback during the massage, help me to provide bodywork that addresses your needs. My work with you is tailored to you. I draw from many years of training in massage and bodywork methods that address a variety of imbalances and sources of pain. My years of hands-on experience with individuals give me a wide perspective on health and healing through touch. The privilege of being trusted to work directly with people in their bodies is an honor that I respect deeply.  


Orthopedic Massage uses assessment of stress patterns, overuse or injury and a braod spectrum of massage techniques to treat dysfunction of soft tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments). This therapy returns the body to balance, improves flexibility, and restores functional pain-free movement patterns.


Therapeutic techniques that address sport-specific overuse, strain, and injury. Enhances training, helps decrease recovery time, reduces risk of injury from imbalance and strain. Provides post-event stretch and relaxation.


The many benefits of massage therapy are well-documented and widely acknowledged. Massage produces the "relaxation response": lower heartrate and blood pressure, enhanced lymphatic flow, deeper breathing, release of endorphins (the body's natural painkillers and mood enhancers) which stimulate a feeling of well-being. Massage also increases range of motion and flexibility.

Stress is a factor in a wide range of illnesses, disease processes, and several of the major causes of death in this culture.

Massage therapy helps to reduce the physical, mental, psychological, and emotional effects of stress. Receiving massage on a regular basis helps to create cumulative improvements in mind-body well-being. Massage for relaxation provides sanctuary -- an opportunity to simply relax and unwind.


Myofascial massage therapy is a slow, rhythmic deep family of techniques that focus on spreading, stretching, and relaxing the layers of fascia that surround muscle fibers, muscles, and muscle groups. The therapist allows the body's release of tension and constriction to facilitate movement. Myofascial therapy can have a cumulative effect and long lasting ease and space within the muscular system.


Reiki (Japanese for "Universal Life Force Energy") is subtle, soothing bodywork that channels healing energy for deep relaxation and the opportunity for healing on all levels.

Reiki is a form of energywork in which the practitioner allows energy to flow by placing her hands lightly on or just above the client's fully-clothed body.


Kinesiology Taping is an amazing modality invented just a few decades ago and widely used by athletes since that time. It supports healing of soft tissues in several ways, making it a great adjunct to massage therapy. The very light tape is applied over areas of strain or discomfort, and remains in place for several days. It enhances lymphatic and blood flow, relieves pain, and encourages functional movement and good body mechanics and posture.

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